What’s in a name?

Strong faith & my family are first & foremost for me.

Everything takes root & grows from there.

Family; they are our test subjects, our sounding boards & our advice panel.

That is why I (along with family suggestion) chose the name Family 1st Photography.

Family 1st Photography is a professional business licensed by the Ontario government.

​​​NOT just another pretty face!

During our time together I will treat you as a friend, not just “another face in the crowd”. I genuinely enjoy learning about people and their journey in life. Of course I want to astound you with stunning images, but I actually want you to be comfortable, have fun & get enjoyment from our time together.
I understand how important life’s milestones are, & how it would be wonderful if we could just stop some moments in time and relive them time & time again. Photographs bring forth such powerful emotions, & give us that chance to “almost” be right back in that moment.
It would be my pleasure to capture for you, the same moments that I capture for my own family.

Why choose me to be your photographer?

My commitment to every customer is this – You will receive the highest quality images, prints & photo gift-ware available on the market today.
I use some of the highest quality professional class photography equipment & the latest  digital editing software.

I continually upgrade my knowledge & perfect my skills which means you are assured of receiving superior results.
My thirst for knowledge is matched only by my enthusiasm for taking photographs. What is the point of investing thousands of dollars in equipment and programs if you have no desire or intention of learning how to use it?
Photography is not just “a job” it is an art, it is a passion, well at least it is for me. I am thrilled that this passion has grown into a business.

Call me today at (519)491-5337 or vist www.family1stphotography.com to discuss the moments you would like me to capture.

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